It is a simple application that is specially designed to remind you about all the expiry dates of your important documents in a timely manner. The intention from ExpReminder is to assist users to take the appropriate action before the expiry date of important or official documents actually occur. As a result, users may avoid any penalty or travel delay due to expired documents.

  1. Avoid any possible financial losses, law violation or travel inconveniences that may occur as a result of expired documents.
  2. Avoid penalties and save money with timely renewals.
  3. Synchronized all your expired documents across multiple devices associated with the same account.
  4. All data are encrypted and stored securely in cloud Storage to ensure privacy.
  5. Data can be retrieved in case of loss or theft of the device just by installing and login to mobile ExpReminder again.
  6. Multilingual features Hajri and Gregorian dates date plus multiple languages (Arabic and English language support is currently available).
  7. Easily schedule and get SMS, E-mail plus In-phone notifications regarding your important documents.
  8. For all registered users, SMS reminder messages are sent to their verified phone numbers regardless if the ExpReminder mobile application is installed or not on the users’ phone. This feature ensures that all the important reminders are delivered to the users’ phone.


All of us have busy schedules now a days. Moreover, there are so many documents with expiry dates that usually result in penalties or at least inconveniences if expired. Remembering expiry dates of all-important documents is not always possible. Especially if the documents are of much legal importance, like driver licenses, passports, car insurance and registration…etc., As a result, the need for timely reminders to ensure such documents get renewed in timely fashion become essential. Sometimes, you may become aware of the document expiry on the last day and at that time, you are left with no chance to get the renewal due to specific requirements, amount required to pay or simply because the document expired during weekend or holiday. In such a situation, ExpReminder comes to the rescue in easy, efficient and economical way no matter where you are in the world.

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This privacy policy highlights the terms and conditions, on the basis of which ExpReminder application collects personal information from users. All the information collected from the user is strictly confidential and used to provide services to the user or to improve our existing systems associated with the application operations. ExpReminder and its partners will not use or share your data for commercial purposes. User information will not be distributed to a third parties.

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